Moesgaard Museum

Start the day at the newly built Moesgaard Museum, MOMU, south of Aarhus. The museum offers archaeological and ethnographic exhibitions that make you wiser in the past as well as the present. The museum itself is an architectural gem that offers innovative thinking and ensures you a world-class experience.

The museum can be reached by bicycle through the beautiful Marselisborg Forest. Alternatively, bus 18 runs from Aarhus city center (Park Allé) to Moesgaard Museum four times an hour.

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Lunch at Skovmøllen

You can eat lunch at the small cozy Restaurant Skovmøllen, which is within walking or cycling distance from the Moesgaard Museum. The forest mill offers on classic Danish sandwiches and coffee and cake.

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After lunch you can go for a stroll in the Dyrehaven in Thors skov, which is part of the great Marselisborg-Moesgård forest complex. The zoo contains a nice stock of sika and daddy wildlife, which you can get close to. Wild boar finds a fence for itself.

There are tables and benches several places in Dyrehaven, so bring the thermos bottle and enjoy a cup of afternoon coffee in the open air.

If you are on a bike, Dyrehaven is on the way back to Marselisborg Harbor. Are you by bus, you can jump on bus 31, which runs just past the entrance.

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Mindeparken, Monumentet og Marselisborg Slot

The last stop on the trip is Mindeparken on the corner of Oddervej and Strandvejen. From the top of the Mindepark there are views of the Aarhus Bay and on a good day all the way to Skødshoved and Mols. There is plenty of room for relaxation, ball games or whatever you might want in the approx. 15 hectares big park.

The Monument in the middle of the memorial park is in memory of fallen Danes in World War I. The monument is a large circular wall built into the terrain. The inside is covered with limestone, and the wall is over 4,140 names of fallen Danes from the war.

At the top of Mindeparken is Marselisborg Castle, which today serves as the regent couple's summer residence. During the periods when the Queen is staying at the castle, there is a change of guards with the Royal Life Guard at 12.00 o’ clock. The castle is not open to the public.

If you are on a bike, Mindeparken is on the way back to Marselisborg Harbor. Are you by bus, you can jump on bus 31, which runs from Dyrehaven and towards the city.

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