Market on Ingerslevs Boulevard

Every Wednesday and Saturday (08: 00-14: 00) there is a market and southern atmosphere on the open air on Ingerslevs Boulevard.

You can find everything from freshly harvested fruits and vegetables, flowers and herbs to lots of fresh fish and meat from butchers and producers for exciting cheeses and beekeepers. Many of the goods are organic.

Let yourself be tempted by the delicious offer and buy a picnic basket that you can take on today's program.

The market is about 1 km from Marselisborg Harbor and can easily be reached on foot or by bicycle.

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Ride along the Brabrandstien

The trip around Brabrandsøen along Brabrandstien is about 19 km long and quite flat. The trail is asphalted throughout the route, and therefore suitable for a fresh bike ride.

If you haven’t brought a bike, you can rent them at different locations in Aarhus, for example here:

Alternatively, you can borrow a city bike that is located in several locations around Aarhus. here.

Several places along Brabrandstien are marked with signs of the nature and cultural history of the area. Sit with your picnic basket at the lake shore and enjoy.

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Botanisk Have – inkl. Væksthusene

On your trip home to Marselisborg Harbor you can hit the road past Botanic Gardens if you have not had enough nature.

The garden is set in a hilly terrain with many small, intimate, green spaces and large open lawns. A watercourse runs through the entire garden from northwest to southeast through 3 lakes and further through the Old Town and its canals.

Aarhus University's greenhouses are located in the eastern side of the Botanical Garden close to the Old Town. The growth houses are a major attraction in Aarhus and are visited by more than 60,000 people each year. In the Growth Houses you can experience plant collections in 4 different climate zones and study plants from most parts of the world.

Do you need a refreshment, you can buy both coffee and cake in the Væksthusenes cafe.

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