Marselisborg Harbor has 490 berths.

As a guest sailor you can lie down on the berths with green signs.

Behind the harbor office is the machine to pay the guest fee.

Check in and out

At Marselisborg Marina you can check in and out at the pay station 24 hours a day.

The Pay station is cashless and is located back at the Harbor Office.

At check-in, the amount will be reserved in your account. At check-out, your stay will be settled and the amount will be charged to your account.

Check-out takes place at 12 noon on the date of departure. (No later than 12 noon)

If you prepay for a total of 4 nights, the 4th night is free. This will be deducted automatically.

Only valid for a total purchase of 4 nights.

At Marselisborg Marina we offer free WI-FI throughout the harbor.

Log in to the WI-FI below without password.

Wifi SSID: MH-Guest

Prices - guest per overnight stay by boat 1/4 - 15/11
Boat length below (29 feet) (0 to 9m)
DKK 160
Boat length from (30 to 40 feet) (9 to 12m)
DKK 185
Boat length from (41 to 45 feet) (13 to 14m)
DKK 210
Boat length from (46 feet to 55 feet) (15 to 17m) and catamarans
DKK 280
Boat length over (56 feet) (17 m)
DKK 510
By prepayment for 3 days, the 4th day will be free                                          
Power per kWh.
DKK 2.15
Shower (3 min)
DKK 7.00
Washing machine
DKK 28.00
DKK 12.00